Thursday, September 1, 2011

Posting while I'm at college...

I'm in between classes, and a bit bored. So I thought I would make a post. So. I ended up getting the N64. It works, but the controllers are in need of serious cleaning, and it needs a new battery door. I ended up ordering a new battery door from Amazon, and the controllers will have to take some patience in cleaning. None the less, its on my ever so long to do list. And I might get it done. Years down the road.

I'm still playing Final Fantasy VIII, and I'm being a bit of an overachiever when it comes to this game. I'm on disc 2, and have already almost maxed out my current GF's abilities, and even aquired Odin and the Tonberry King, which people usually recommend on Disc 3. Such an over achiever. And I love it. I just really, really, like this game. Enough to probably put it on my PSP and play it that way too.

Nintendo's Ambassador program is looking very nice with its 3DS. I downloaded the first set of ten free games that comes with the program, and...I'm almost disappointed It looks awesome on the 3DS, don't get me wrong, but maybe its because I've played these games over and over and over. Ah well. It'll be good whenever I get my school stuff situated and actually bring it between classes in college.

Oh! I put Nier on a waiting list to be bought on said it would take up to six weeks to process. It shows up a week later. So that turned out pretty good. And the last thing. I was able to purchase Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga for $16 on eBay, like new with box, etc., So that turned out pretty well.