Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I didn't really have the money..

Instead I end up buying this. Yeah, Lufia II. I love this game. I remember spending some hours playing this game. Maybe I can end up doing it again.

Problem is, I really didn't have the money to do it. I have a bill due on the 10th, and I have other things to purchase. But I've got things pretty well figured out. So I'm fine.

Problem! I still haven't ordered the parts to fix the SNES. Its really bothering me. I think I'll have enough money next week to fix it. Hopefully I will, anyways.
I still haven't started beating those games yet. I need to start doing that soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Money, money, money.

You see this thing? This is called my money hog. I got it for free at a flea market on Sunday. No connectors, no controllers, nothing. The thing requires a new back end to it because the AC plugin is broke. Buying a new one is $16. I need to also buy the Security Bit. That's another $6. Guy was selling these things for $35 for the AC adapter, VGA cables, and one controller. I'm already at $22 at LEAST. I was better off buying THAT.

I did pick up a rare find from this guy. He had Illusion of Gaia for $10. $10!!! That was an awesome deal. I'll get to play it whenever I get the stupid thing fixed!!! Yeah, I scored it for free, but still..I was better off just getting a SNES that works unless I can score free controllers too.

And my current problem is I'm wanting to buy my SNES games I never got to buy when I was younger, instead of investing to actually fix the SNES. I gotta think these things through better.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Operation NES: Repaired!!!

So, I received my 72 pin connector and my "Broken" NES today. This was very easy to fix. Time consuming, but easy. The tray wouldn't stay down. Well, a half a turn on each screw on the cartridge tray fixed that problem easy. Then it wasn't reading the games so well. So I replaced the pin connector. Its hard as hell to pull out games, but it works like a charm! Go me for fixing a 24 year old system!!! (Kudos to dad for playing.)

I beat Batman (NES) today. Never could beat it as a child, but now, rawrh, I beat it under an hour. I'm a BEAST. Rawr.

Anyway. I've got a friend that MIGHT be selling me a SNES. If I can get one of dem, I'll be super happy. I love SNES. I sold mine years ago to get a ps2, which I regret doing now, but I still love my ps2 regardless.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Guess who bought another NES?

Yeah, that'd be me. I bought another one with a 72 pin connector issue for $8, maybe I can turn it around for profit, or something. I have no idea.

As for games is concerned, I guess I'll be starting back on darkSECTOR. And mark that as a finished game. More on that when I get off work tomorrow! 5 AM comes early.

The things I need to catch up on.

Hello again. Just me here. I got home from work, and I was thinking of what to do. I've already cleaned up, and looked at the game collection I have. You know how many games I have that I have not beat yet?! Its crazy! Lets go through a little list.

Eternal Sonata, Infinite Undiscovery, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, XenoGears, Legend of the Dragoon, Shenmue II, darkSECTOR, Disgaea I and II (Those are sooo long.) and...Castlevania Curse of Darkness.

Thats a lot of games to beat. Now, another couple of things to cover. I have a PSP, and I currently started recording some gameplay. I currently put up a battle of Squall vs. Sephiroth, which you can view HERE.

One last thing! Wanna keep up for when my NES gets here from the seller? Sure thing! USPS stinks at keeping up, but its the thought that counts. You can track it HERE

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paying homage to the NES.

Today, I decided to buy a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I scourged the flea markets, and none was to be found. Then I tried ebay. I missed the first auction, but then the second one came up. It said it needed work. I emailed the person, only to find out the only apparent problem is that the NES cartridge will NOT stay down. That's simple.

But while I'm at it, I think I'll replace the 72 pin in it while I'm at it, and make sure nothing else needs replaced. I have a Top Loader NES, but it requires a lot of work just to get a game to work. Sigh.

But none the less, I'll post more pictures when I get it!

My new home looks sah-weet.

So this is my first post here. Things look so elegant and rich, I can't help it. This is. Awesome. So I guess I should label mainly what I'm going to blog here about. And its what I do often. Its video games. Its something I like to do, and its my hobby. Since I'm moving in, I have tons of pictures and things to put up here to make things incredibly awesome.

Stay tuned, folks!