Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I didn't really have the money..

Instead I end up buying this. Yeah, Lufia II. I love this game. I remember spending some hours playing this game. Maybe I can end up doing it again.

Problem is, I really didn't have the money to do it. I have a bill due on the 10th, and I have other things to purchase. But I've got things pretty well figured out. So I'm fine.

Problem! I still haven't ordered the parts to fix the SNES. Its really bothering me. I think I'll have enough money next week to fix it. Hopefully I will, anyways.
I still haven't started beating those games yet. I need to start doing that soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Money, money, money.

You see this thing? This is called my money hog. I got it for free at a flea market on Sunday. No connectors, no controllers, nothing. The thing requires a new back end to it because the AC plugin is broke. Buying a new one is $16. I need to also buy the Security Bit. That's another $6. Guy was selling these things for $35 for the AC adapter, VGA cables, and one controller. I'm already at $22 at LEAST. I was better off buying THAT.

I did pick up a rare find from this guy. He had Illusion of Gaia for $10. $10!!! That was an awesome deal. I'll get to play it whenever I get the stupid thing fixed!!! Yeah, I scored it for free, but still..I was better off just getting a SNES that works unless I can score free controllers too.

And my current problem is I'm wanting to buy my SNES games I never got to buy when I was younger, instead of investing to actually fix the SNES. I gotta think these things through better.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Operation NES: Repaired!!!

So, I received my 72 pin connector and my "Broken" NES today. This was very easy to fix. Time consuming, but easy. The tray wouldn't stay down. Well, a half a turn on each screw on the cartridge tray fixed that problem easy. Then it wasn't reading the games so well. So I replaced the pin connector. Its hard as hell to pull out games, but it works like a charm! Go me for fixing a 24 year old system!!! (Kudos to dad for playing.)

I beat Batman (NES) today. Never could beat it as a child, but now, rawrh, I beat it under an hour. I'm a BEAST. Rawr.

Anyway. I've got a friend that MIGHT be selling me a SNES. If I can get one of dem, I'll be super happy. I love SNES. I sold mine years ago to get a ps2, which I regret doing now, but I still love my ps2 regardless.