Sunday, August 21, 2011

A rant, perhaps?

I guess people have their own agendas. But I figured game collectors should either be nice to either other or something. But I guess when you get your own facebook page, and so many fans, I guess you think you're too good to even say hi to someone. What am I saying?

I've been trying to get my little blog some publicity, and I figured since there was someone else out there doing the same thing, why not?
Apparently not. No comment back, Nothing. So I guess when you get someone to do custom logos for you, and a few hundred likes on Facebook, you quit being nice to the little gamers out there. So hell with it.

On to better news! On Wednesday, I finally scored my N64. Two controllers, four games. All for $15. The woman offered me $40, but I refused it. Came back a few days later, and she took my offer of $15. Awesome. I'll post pictures when I can. And I'll post the new games I received later!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A lot has changed.

This is where my games were being stored for a few weeks. I had to leave my home, and go back to living with the parents. It's not as bad as people may say, but I'm back to one little teeny tiny room.  (Yep. NES, and gaming posters that I had yet to frame or laminate.) But, this allows me to catch up on bills, and maybe sneak in a few opportunities on gaming. Getting a new house and what not comes first, but a distant second, is  my hobby.

So what have I done lately? I restarted playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadows. I finally managed to climb up Carmilla's castle, beat the crap out of her, and make it to the land of the dead. And have I not mentioned that this game is a solid 10 when it comes to cutscenes and graphics? Yes, yes. And it's not 59.99 anymore.. (Actually, I paid for the Limited Edition. Such a sucker for Castlevania.)

What have I added to the collection? These two bad boys. Got them at the Flea Market for $20. Tested, both works! So I'm contemplating a Gamecube for purchase, just to mod the crap out of it. That'll probably come soon in time. GameStop has it for $30. I can't beat that.

Now, even though this has only one day (roughly) left on it, if you're a gamer, then it's pure ethics just to support Child's Play. It's a way for gamers to help sick children in hospitals. I donated to "The Humble Indie Bundle" Donate an amount, get some sweet games to play. (Don't be a cheap ass, now.)

Last but not least, Rumor has it tomorrow that the 3DS will be going down in price a bit sooner at a certain retailer. I've been wanting one anyways, and since I can get in on the 10 extra free games and the discount? Yeah, I'm definitely in. I'll post pictures and what not when I go tomorrow after work.

All right. Til next time!