Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love progress, and a chance...

At some awesome video games. I have a bunch to cover! As you can see, the blog has been redesigned, and this is much better and I simply love it! The other design was nice, but it didn't match the purpose of the blog. So I might use it for later.

Now. Let me cover something that makes me super happy. Two years ago, I made a post HERE detailing that I bought Illusion of Gaia, cart only for 10 dollars at a flea market. Now, thanks to some digging and finding and buying...I GOT IT.
I got the manual and case for really cheap, so now
have a complete collection of this. Woot.

Now. You think I just completed one set? Please. During Father's day, my dad and I were scourging through my room, which he found the first game boy game I ever purchased, Pokemon Yellow. Sadly, it was not a complete set. Just the cart. Well, once again, I did a bit of searching..digging and what not..and look what I came up with.

Yes, yes. Another perfect set. Box, manual and insert for the game. This is now one of my more treasured games, since it was a first for me on the Game Boy. So this one will sit as a good trophy.

Now, lets cover what I've been playing. Ugh. Last I posted it was Monster Hunter, now I've taken a break from that. Thanks to the Playstation Network, I got to select four games, two for the PSP, two for the PS3. So I have been playing inFamous, and Dead Nation. At this rate, I'll never finish these games up. But thats okay. I'll do it one of these days.

Last thing. I did a favor for JerZy, who was looking for the Aria of Sorrow cart, informed me that she would like for me to help her organize her massive video game collection. And better yet..if she has doubles or triples of her rare complete sets (Which is very likely) I get to keep. I am more excited than a prostitute with a rich man...aha. I kid, I kid. But I am very excited. Two weeks from now, I should be able to get over there and help her organize. As a serious collector who loves his hobby...I'm glad to find someone else that shares the same. But this is a great opportunity!

I'll keep everyone posted!

Monday, June 13, 2011

E3 was awesome...

From what I saw. I wasn't going to purchase a 3DS until the price was much lower..but thanks to the great titles I saw..looks like I'll be purchasing titles before the hardware. I don't have much time for playing too many games anymore, so it won't bother me. It'll go to the backlog (Which did I mention is HUGE?!).

I did find something very nice the other day. I went to the local Packards (Retro video game
store. They kind of suck.) But I did find a complete box and manual of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Which is my FAVORITE
Finding the actual game though is proving to be quite the challenge. I can't get it online because of the lack of trust of sellers. This game happens to be pirated and resold a lot of the time to unsuspected victims. But not me. But now if I can find it...

I'm thinking about redoing the layout to match the actual purpose of this. So there might be a few changes in the next 12 hours. Hell, its my day off. Gotta do something around here.

One more thing! I checked out a MMORPG via Facebook Ad, it's called Spiral Knights. Made by Sega and Three Rings. It's pretty damn awesome. You guys should check it out.