Thursday, September 8, 2011

New stuff, for GREAT deals.

I've managed to grab quite a bit of deals lately. I managed to grab Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for $15. Grabbed Bowsers inside story for another 14. I'm just missing one more..which is partners in time, and it'll be a complete set, awesome

I stopped at a local truck stop on Tuesday, only to find at the counter that they sell used games for only $4.99 . So everyone has to say...for that much? Must be crap. Even I thought the same thing..until I looked.
The Bouncer AND Phantom Brave??? Oh my goodness. This is an awesome deal. I checked both of them..they both need disc cleaning and the generic removal of stickers on the discs, but other than that, they are set to go in the collection pile!

Now, let me rant once again. The Retro Hunters rely on people to just give them stuff instead of work for it most of the time. Its a disgrace. But I finally went to Jerzy's house, and I was blessed. I seen so many old school games it was crazy. I was even a bit educated, as I was reorganizing over 200 NES games, I seen games I've never even heard of. It was crazy!
The highlight was the reward I got for alphabetizing her collection, setting the extras to the side for resale. I got to pick the extras I wanted, which was awesome! Most of these have the book and case for it. This is awesome.

The nintendo 64, controllers have been fixed, cleaned, repaired, and the new door is in, and it looks GREAT! (And at first I thought I didn't make too good of a deal..shame on me.)

And now I'm off to play Final Fantasy VIII, get some stuff done with it.