Monday, June 13, 2011

E3 was awesome...

From what I saw. I wasn't going to purchase a 3DS until the price was much lower..but thanks to the great titles I saw..looks like I'll be purchasing titles before the hardware. I don't have much time for playing too many games anymore, so it won't bother me. It'll go to the backlog (Which did I mention is HUGE?!).

I did find something very nice the other day. I went to the local Packards (Retro video game
store. They kind of suck.) But I did find a complete box and manual of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Which is my FAVORITE
Finding the actual game though is proving to be quite the challenge. I can't get it online because of the lack of trust of sellers. This game happens to be pirated and resold a lot of the time to unsuspected victims. But not me. But now if I can find it...

I'm thinking about redoing the layout to match the actual purpose of this. So there might be a few changes in the next 12 hours. Hell, its my day off. Gotta do something around here.

One more thing! I checked out a MMORPG via Facebook Ad, it's called Spiral Knights. Made by Sega and Three Rings. It's pretty damn awesome. You guys should check it out.