Thursday, October 1, 2009

Operation NES: Repaired!!!

So, I received my 72 pin connector and my "Broken" NES today. This was very easy to fix. Time consuming, but easy. The tray wouldn't stay down. Well, a half a turn on each screw on the cartridge tray fixed that problem easy. Then it wasn't reading the games so well. So I replaced the pin connector. Its hard as hell to pull out games, but it works like a charm! Go me for fixing a 24 year old system!!! (Kudos to dad for playing.)

I beat Batman (NES) today. Never could beat it as a child, but now, rawrh, I beat it under an hour. I'm a BEAST. Rawr.

Anyway. I've got a friend that MIGHT be selling me a SNES. If I can get one of dem, I'll be super happy. I love SNES. I sold mine years ago to get a ps2, which I regret doing now, but I still love my ps2 regardless.