Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gaming isn't a hobby...

It's a lifestyle, a passion. Gaming is more than sitting behind the controller. Of course I'm guessing it just used to be just for entertainment. But think of the music, the art, and the story that follows with it now a days, (considering you don't play Call of Duty like a religion.)

So this blog post is entirely going to feature Final Fantasy. (Cole Upton, if you're reading, this is for you, man. And props to Brent for reading too!)

Okay. Final Fantasy was first made in 1987. It was SquareSoft's last attempt at making a successful game. Their previous games weren't making a lot of sales, so they tried "Final" Fantasy. Needless to say, it was a HIT. Tons of people liked it, and then there has been a lot of remakes and sequels to it. So that's the sum of it. Now, someone told me the other day that they NEVER played a Final Fantasy game. I was like, "WUT?!" So now I get to explain (with pictures!) Why Final Fantasy rocks, and why they should play it. Music, fellas!

Final Fantasy is a game that features turn based battles.  This is the first boss you fight in Final Fantasy for the NES. Simplistic, but its unique on its own. But would you expect them to be like this throughout the years? Of course not. It's only gotten better.

This is from Final Fantasy XIII. I haven't finished this one yet (But I'm 50 hours into it.) But it is simply an awesome revamped game that reminds me of how awesome the series is, where's it came from, and what has been made into better.

For anyone that wants to try to get into Final Fantasy without spending any money...there are ways. (Ahem. I can't go into details.) But I will say if you LEGALLY own a cart of Final Fantasy II for SNES, you can download the emulator and ROM of it. That's all I'm saying about that. But if you wanna try a Final Fantasy game and not be overbearing, the best bet is to try Final Fantasy II for SNES (It's actually IV..but its a long story.)

Final fantasy is great in all aspects. Story, Gameplay, depth. Just give it a try. Thats my recommendation.

Now to my gaming stuff. I got Final Fantasy VIII from the PSN store, and no wonders I've beat it eight times already. But I'm trying something different with this game. I'm trying to get all the Ultimate Weapons before the end of disc one (beside one character's, which is impossible until disc 3.) I'm 8 hours into the game (which the point I should be at would only take two hours.) The strategy is to play card games with the NPC's, convert the cards into items needed to refine into the items needed to get the weapons for the characters. I already have one character finished, just quite a few left to go. I'll probably try to put a large dent into the progress tonight.

How much do I like Final Fantasy VIII?

Enough to get an art shop in town to custom make and frame artwork for the game. I love it. So when I mean this is my favorite game of all time, and gaming is art and lifestyle, I mean it.

Til next time!